Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Calls Fisker a "Mediocre Product at a High Price;" Henrik Fisker "Delighted"

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Batteries Aren't the Future

It was just a matter of time before Tesla and Fisker had to duke it out for a second time – the first coming in a Fisker-won court battle . This time around, it was Tesla CEO, Elon Musk , that decided to drop the gloves and poke Fisker for a fight. In an interview with Automobile Magazine, Musk said “It’s a mediocre product at a high price,” when talking about the Karma . He also said that “[Fisker] thinks the most important thing in the world — or the only important thing in the world — is design, so he outsourced the engineering and manufacturing.”

Musk did, however, pay a much-deserved complement to the Karma, stating that “It looks good” and “Particularly from the side it looks good." That’s definitely a comment that we can all agree with. Even ousted Fisker CEO, Henrik Fisker, stated that he’s “delighted that Elon thinks the Karma is a good-looking car.” Fisker went on to assure us that Tesla and Fisker are not competitors and that they use two different technologies and are going after completely different customers.

We beg to differ with that statement. Yes, you are using different technologies – Tesla’s is far more advanced – but you are competing for the same customers. Any hybrid customer or extended-range EV buyer would be silly not to look into the technology that Tesla Tesla has created and anyone that thinks that they are not in competition with one another is a little bit disillusioned.

We think that Musk was a little brash with his statements and would be better off to keep his opinions out of the corporate spotlight, regardless of how true they may be. Then again, the comments are damn funny, regardless of how inappropriate they may have been. Guess we have to give Musk some credit for speaking his mind.


It’s just a normal scenario. They should make something in order not to be on the biggest trouble of their lives.

I think that CEO is tough with his statements and would be better if he kept his opinions out of the corporate spotlight, regardless of its validity.

Yeah, I know they could. And they should! If they don’t want their company to experience bankruptcy.

The comments I’ve read are hilarious, although it’s inappropriate to consider it. I’m sure have given this Musk a credit for speaking his mind out of control.

It’s not an issue if they place the Fisker into a higher price rather than what we expected. It’s on the Tesla to vision and analyze the cost in the models and units.

Fisker and Karma have both qualities of the quality-assured models and worthy of the price. I knew that they can resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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