Tesla gets in on the Christmas spirit

Tesla is out to prove that there is not such thing as a Grinch where they are concerned. In order to show appreciation to the hundreds of people who went out and purchased the Tesla Roadster , the California-based electric car manufacturer is filling Santa’s bag up with radio-controlled versions of the sports car and delivering them just before Christmas. Each owner received a Radiant Red Roadster with tan seats and a lovely Christmas card to go along with it. Now that’s customer appreciation!

Of course, the RC version won’t be able to hit the 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and it doesn’t feature the same electric drivetrain producing 248 HP, but it’s still a pretty faithful replica to the real thing, and one that can entertain the child in all of us for quite some time!

Source: Tesla Motors


Not interested!Same from what i have said before I don’t believe in the concept of electric cars. I think it will be needed and extensive research before they could call it "electric cars".

That’s definitely hot! I think TESLA want people to buy their car! And I think Nissan could beat them.lol

I love this roadster and I got a chance to drive one, which is really awesome and incredibly silent. But silence is kind of dangerous on the road especially with pedestrians.

That’s one present I would return - what a piece of garbage this car is so cheap in the flesh, crap.. utter crap .

that’s a good idea! maybe i should buy a Chevy spark and use the wrapping paper to wrap a polo...i mean, who wants a Chevy spark anyway..

These are radio-controlled Roadsters, which could go some way to reinforcing the notion that this new automobile company has a focus on customers like no other.

Best idea ever! I’ve had exact models of my last two cars...but this is even better! Do they color-match?

The top image reminds me of the old Nissan 300ZX commercial that rocked out to Van Halen’s "You Really Got Me Now."

Best idea ever! I’ve had exact models of my last two cars...but this is even better! Do they color-match?

well I guess they are doing the same as the Ferrari did, the only difference is ferrari promoted their toy with the help of shell.

what a great toy, it looks like the Tesla want to sell more with the help of toy car.

haha. I’ve already bought one… well all I can say it’s nice, fully detailed and fun to play with, I gave it to my son as a gift.

Hopefully this is not a direct replica: driver would not survive roll over.

great toy. well if you can’t have the real on you can always have it in toys with battery but made in china... hehehe

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