Tesla receives $82.5 million-dollar investment in Frankfurt

Most car manufacturers who go to the Frankfurt Motor Show probably have one thing on their minds: make an impression with your new cars. While that is, of course, what the purpose of auto shows are, sometimes, a car brand is fortunate enough to leave Frankfurt with something more than they expected. Take the case of Tesla , for example.

The California-based electric sports car brand came to Frankfurt without the faintest idea that they would find a company willing to spend $82.5 million to become an equity investor in Tesla. But that’s exactly what happened after a group led by Fjord Capital Partners approached Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk with regards to purchasing equities in the brand.

Not one to turn a good deal down, Musk accepted the offer, saying that “It was an opportunistic investment. We were not looking for money.”
Now armed with a sweet sum of $82.5 million, Musk plans to use the ‘added finances’ to expand the brand’s global retail stores.

We don’t know about you, but we believe that things happen for a reason – whether it’s pre-determined or just by sheer luck – and Tesla’s appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show ended up with the company becoming $82.5 million dollars richer.

Source: Bloomberg


Since this auto show is so close to the track, I’d be interested to see how fast a Roadster S could lap the Nurburgring. I’ll guess 7:40.

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