The 2013 Viper GTS Hits the Dyno

The hunk of sweet Mopar goodness known as the 2013 SRT Viper GTS is all set to hit dealerships and the streets at the control of civilians. Before this can happen, all of us experts had to run it through the ringer and Edmunds sure got a good long look at the new snake. During this testing process, Edmunds somehow managed to get SRT SRT ’s permission to put the SRT Viper on the dyno – something that a surprising number of automakers would never allow out of fear of huge horsepower loss through the drivetrain.

As we all now, the Viper GTS has been dubbed the “most powerful Viper ever,” thanks to its 8.4-liter V-10 engine that pumps out 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. While stated output is all well and good, what really matters is how much of that power actually makes it to those monstrous rear tires.

With the Viper on the dyno, Edmunds lets us know what to expect from the resurrected serpent. Wanna know the results? You’ll have to check out the video to find out…

Source: Autoblog


maybe some users will be dissapointed by the power difference, maybe others will appreciate the honesty. whatever the outcome, this still is a great car!

i do not think all big car manufacturers would agree to this test. but hey, that is where marketing and real life collide!

but by taking this test, they admit the real power of the car. this is something that’s worth appreciating.

it’s not like the car is not powerful enough! it is, but not as powerful as they say it is.

well, it is nice when some of them come clean and admit these loses. i think this is paying respect to the buyers and allowing them to see the car’s real power.

you bet they all do! that is why they refuse the dyno test!

i guess they don’t do that because all of them have those loses. maybe some even bigger.

i think tinur is right. not many car manufacurers dare to do that.

i think dodge’s courage to submit the viper to the dyno is what should be appreciated here.

some power loss is expected. the question is how big is this power loss. and we have seen here.

some power loss is to be expected. this happens to all cars!

there are 80 HP missing. that’s how much my wife’s city car has!

it is a shame they lose all that power.

528 pound-feet of torque out of 600 is not bad. neither is 558 HP out of 640.

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