The Arabian shiek and his fascination for giant vehicles

Don’t adjust your monitors because it won’t work. The photos you’re looking at are all legitimate. That is a Willys Jeep replica and, by all accounts, it’s as big a car as anything we’ve ever seen in the past.

The owner of that Jeep is a pretty larger-than-life individual himself: Sheik Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a man who’s as famous for his philantrophic work as he is for being quite a devoted car nut.

On the latter, there are some pretty interesting facts about this man that you’re going to find mind-boggling. For starters, he has one of the largest car collections in the world at over 200 cars and trucks. As if that is not awesome enough, he keeps them in his own personal garage - it’s actually a pyramid - just outside Abu Dhabi. He even lets the public in for free to see his collection. To further explain his enthusiasm for cars, he once bought seven Mercedes SEL models back in 1983 for the simple reason that he wanted one for every day of the week. He even had each model painted in the colors of the rainbow because, well, he just felt like it.

Wait, it gets better.

Al Nahyan is also fond of ginormous motor homes. Among his works of art include the aforementioned 21-foot tall Willys Jeep replica. He also previously built the world’s largest truck - another replica, this time of the Dodge Power Wagon - that even comes with four bedrooms inside. And just to make sure that he can have the whole world in his hands, Al Nahyan also built a motor home shaped like the planet Earth that - if you can even believe this - was specifically measured to be 1 millionth the size of the real deal.

One word: WOW.

Source: Jalopnik


Wow! That’s an impressive talent! I just wonder if he used an original materials for this jeep? And I bet this guy has nothing to do with his money that’s why he manage to support all the bill for this project! However, its a good thing that he let the public see his work for free!

That would be a perfect craftsmanship for a huge car! I quite impressed with the detailing of the car. However, i think they should make it useful for the people and not a display model only.

haha. That is so huge! Huge.. but useless!

Oh! Just imagine that this guy is part of the Transformer. wow! Isn’t it cool?

it was a nice handcraft but I think they should make it more useful and not just a BIG display!

So gigantic. And i agree with Silvestre, its for collection purposes only. Next, i hope so, they will spend a money that can be used. It just a worthless

That was really gigantic! This is the first time to see such kinds of vehicle. These will become the future’s local transportation. Just Kidding.

Gosh! So huge! I like to ride in that giant vehicle in the future too.

All I Can say is..amazing..smiley

He can only park it outside. Are there any more giant vehicles like a huge BMW?

HUMONGOUS! This sheik is really addicted to huge cars.

Quiet impressive but I feel sad too. Ya, for collection purpose but he should invent things that would be useful and benefits to other. And not only stock in one place and appreciated only by our eyes.

This is one hell of a monster! Very suited in off road specially mountain roads.

It has the size of pit miners truck. I wonder if he has a big garage?

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