The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System - World's best sound system

The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, optionally available on the Audi A8 and sportier S8 variant, is the most sophisticated car audio system in the world. According to Bang & Olufsen UK managing director Derek Mottershead, “it’s the first car sound system to match the best high-end stereo systems for the home.”

At the seventh annual ‘Interior of the Year’ awards, conducted by Ward’s Auto World magazine in America, the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System in the Audi A8 scooped the top audio prize. A jury of 69 automotive journalists voted it ‘best sound system’.

The system is specially designed by Bang & Olufsen and is tailor made to the exact acoustic requirements of the A8’s interior – its size, shape and materials. The speaker grilles are made from meticulously crafted anodised aluminium, the same material used to produce the body of the sports luxury saloon.

The 14 speakers, Acoustic Lens Technology and powerful digital amplifier – which produces more than 1000 watts of power – help give the superb sound experience. The Acoustic Lens Technology is particularly innovative. When the system is turned on, two lens tweeters elegantly rise from the dashboard. These ensure superb in-depth musical quality in every seat. The lenses disappear when the system is turned off, gently retracting into the dashboard.

“These sales figures are very encouraging,” says Mr Mottershead. “It represents about one buyer in five choosing the Bang & Olufsen system in the UK, an excellent result, and consistent with global sales.”

“Many of our customers are audiophiles, so these figures do not surprise us,” says the director of Audi UK, Jeremy Hicks. “We regard the Bang & Olufsen audio system as an unqualified success which helps reiterate Audi’s position at the top end of the premium market. Audi can now justifiably lay claim to offering the finest in-car listening experience in the world – an advantage which is certain to be influential in potential customer purchase decisions.”

The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System is optional on all Audi A8 models and – because of its bespoke nature – cannot be retro fitted.

A sound system from the renowned Danish manufacturer is now available on a further Audi car, the new sporty R8. Bang & Olufsen is also developing further individual sound systems for other model lines.

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