The Batmobile by Putsch Racing

With the release of the first Dark Knight Rises trailer, it seemed appropriate to commemorate the occasion by showing you Batman’s original cinematic vehicle. Of course, this one has been pumped up to turbocharged levels.

Yes, we’re talking about the original Batmobile that appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman movies; the very same one that inspired modern-day iterations of the Caped Crusader’s all-purpose vehicle. Only this time, it doesn’t come with a prop engine like so many others. This one comes with something pretty bad ass: a turboshaft turbine engine that was sourced from a naval drone helicopter and produces an output of 385 horsepower. Pretty impressive, right?

The work comes courtesy of Casey Putsch and Putsch Racing. And in addition to adding a legitimate turbo engine, the team also dressed up the interior from its spartan-like set-up to something a little more appropriate for a car of this stature, including an Apple iPad set-up right in the middle of the car’s center console.

Needless to say, this Batmobile doesn’t come with all the heavy artillery that the Caped Crusader used Gotham City. Lack of firepower notwithstanding, the tuned-up engine still makes it one of the most formidable Batmobiles we’ve seen patrolling the streets of the world.


This batmobile is really so cool on its platform, but at the same time it looks to big and heavy to be a sports car. I wonder if it could have performed well on that dimension and weight.

Well, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the styling of the car. Its a great thing as well that it deliver an awesome figure performance.

I would say that I really like the styling of the car and its powerful as well. And I think this vehicle is kind if high technology since it deliver an impressive power output.

If this car will do have gadgets, that will be a big surprise because batman is now a true creation, who do you think will be in the batman’s position? By the way, I like its design, which is very futuristic.

This is very amazing. A perfect replica a Batman’s car on the Dark Knight. I wonder if it really had some gadgets within the car. This is a cool one that will bring a big sale for them.

Wow that’s cool! A real turbine powered BatMobile. As seen on the video, it really has some huge engine plus an undefined mechanism. I don’t think this one is easy to drive.

It really captures the original design off batmobile. It seems that they have used a million dollar budget for this vehicle. The power output and styling is kind of impressive.

This is what you call the batmobile! hell! I thought thy are going to used the Lamborghini car for the Batman movie! Though it doesn’t have a drooling design, the speed and gizmos of the car is just enough to make me impressed on this production.

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