The Cadillac Converj wins the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show Concept Car of the Year Award

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The pride and joy of General Motor was slowly pinning around front and center amongst a field of Cadillacs at the Miami Auto Show. Although the Converj concept car made it’s debut at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, it’s slipery shape and and jaw dropping presence was good enough to stop us judges dead in our tracks and take the trophy for the 2009 Concept Car of the Show. This plug in gas/electric hybrid vehicle was almost disqualified as one of the judges deemed it to be too production ready for the concept award, and it did loose some points for wearing too narrow rear rubber, however streamlined shapes and low rolling resistance is what an efficient future is all about. Maybe it was the 21st century luxury car’s plush interior and electroluminescent gauges or the roof mounted solar panel the put theCadillac Converj over the top.


And I still say bring in the FQ400 and see what its does to the American best performance bargain. Put in someone respectable British car journalist like Henry Catchpole or Steve Sutcliffe as the driver and see what they do.

But then the British have too much class to participate in a pissing contest.

The Challenge is a joke. Three of the cars are underpowered and another one is a CTS-V. What kind of a idiot allows a CTS-V to challenge a CTS-V as the best performance sedan in the world? Why choose five cars when you claim that you have the best performance sedan on the planet and choose those that are hardly its competitors? Where is the XFR, C63 and Panamera?

Oh right, its GM. Its gonna be rigged anyway.

one thing I really hate about cadillacs are the thin front end lights

there very ugly on every model tale the escalade or CTS-V forexample

if I was offered an M5 or a CTS-V I would take the M5

with a good driver in the M5 I think it can blow away all the other performance sedans

Im justing waiting to see what happens at lutz challenge

And regarding the crack. I get my supplies from Taveuni, grown beside the legendary Tagimoucia flowers and handpicked by nuns to retain the purity.

Jealous anyone?

Seems like TJ is in the minority here. I also find this car to be unattractive. The CTS-V coupe also looks retarded. These ruler designs don’t suit coupe looks. The CTS-V sedan, on the other hand, is better looking than the M5 and the super ugly Panamera. More importantly, I think Iam not a fan of this concept is because GM tends to wh0re out their designs and engines.

sorry I take that back then
really im very sorry I thought this was entering production anyways

as for me a BMW fan my concept pick would be the bmw vision efficient dynamics

the rear end is hideous I mean how come the plates so low

and the front light is a bad imitation of the concept GTR roughly 5 years back

"FT-86 is still a concept"? Umm, BMWM6, the award is titled "South Florida International Auto Show CONCEPT Car of the Year Award."

haha, that would be a negative tjkeon. This car is an ugly angled piece of crap. Ill take the trip down to miami though. Just not to scar my eyes.

Where are you guys getting the crack that you’re smoking? If you get some plane tickets down to miami I will take you to see this car in person so you can reconsider those statements. This car is absolutely stunning

FT-86 is still a concept

I really despise that cadillac who are its main competitors

one ugly rear end

what are all those useless engraved lines for

wait till dirt builds up thee

Show me one person who would actually take this car over an FT-86.

It only won because the expectations for American automakers are so low that anything halfway decent seems incredible.

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