The Car Show: Steve Millen Interview

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By now, hopefully everyone has been able to catch an episode of The Car Show on Speed, but for those who have not, here’s your chance to take a sneak peek at what you’re missing. In Episode 4, Adam Corolla and Matt Farah had the luxury of sitting down with the great Steve Millen as they relived his start and end in professional racing. As some of you may know, Steve Millen took part in New Zealand’s IMSA GT racing and has the most all-time wins in IMSA GTS history with 20 victories, along with the series record in pole positions with 23 top spots. This guy is a racing legend and his family - Rhod, Rhys, and most recently Ryan - have also played a huge part in racing.

Check out the video to see the full interview, as well as a slot car racing challenge against Steve Millen and Dan Neil. And if you haven’t caught an episode of The Car Show, make sure you tune in on Wednesdays at 10pm on the Speed channel.


Well, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the speed performance of the car feature here! This is really a great show!

This a segment of the show and its not how the whole thing goes. Well, I think the show is kind of serious unlike the other car show in the BBC.

Yeah, I’ve heard his name many times from several professional racing. Achieving that numbers of winning is really a great honor for a racer.. That probably made his name in the racing industry.

I actually adore Steve because of his historical wins. The fact that he won 20 times in professional racing will get the viewer’s interest. It is a good idea for The Car Show to use this kind of legend.

Well, this is juts a part of the show..the whole episode doesn’t run with the whole interview. I would say that they are different from the usual show about cars.

haha. I thought this was supposedly to be a car show then how come I feel like watching a Oprah Winfrey Show! I was expecting for a demo or something thrilling.. Aside from the interview.

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