The Carbeque is the perfect picnic set-up for the summer

Now that summer’s here, it seems like the perfect time for all of us to bring out the grills, plop down the lawn chairs, and open up the umbrellas for a few months worth of barbecue and sausages.

Seeing as we are a predominantly auto website, this fancy and novel set of four wheels caught our attention, not just because of its ingenuity, but more importantly, because that it includes all the aforementioned parts of our summer grill-out inside the confines of a vehicle.

The car is called the ’Carbeque’, and as it name obviously suggests, it serves the purpose of a car and a cook-out place all rolled into one. Just by looking at it, you already get the idea that this 1957 Ford Customline-turned-diner is something that you’d want to have in your home. It’s got a diner-inspired set-up with a black-and-white checkerboard tile configuration. The interior, which is dressed in a red and white set-up, comes with a C-shaped couch with a table in the middle, an umbrella, and where the engine used to be now comes a grille.

With the sun about to shine its brightest in the coming months, the question of where you’re going to do your summer barbecue will be answered by this one-of-a-kind diner on four wheels.

Source: Bitrebels


I wonder on how it was set up. This set is good only for four I guess. However, though its strange it seems that ts quite cool as well.

That’s quite strange, a diner and car roll out in one. Well, this car seems better compare the Roll Royce diner set theme. For here is a complete set where their is a couch, table and umbrella!

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