The End has Arrived: Hummer officially shuts down after rolling out last H3

The SUV that made a name for itself for being one of the most intimidating of any vehicle on the road is going out in a whimper. The last Hummer H3 - and the very last Hummer for that matter - rolled out of General Motors’ production facility in Shreveport, Louisiana last Monday, culminating the official end of one of America’s most iconic SUVs.

The last H3 was ordered by rental car agency Avis, which if we were these guys, we actually won’t rent out because of the "history" attached to it for being the very last Hummer ever built. Who knows, the SUV might fetch a pretty good price in the coming years.

Whatever Avis does with it though, is their business. More important to us is Hummer’s quiet curtain call. The irony is definitely intoxicating.


Yah let the gas ing monsters rest in peace

Very sad to know that, because unfortunately hummer becomes the best and itimitating vehicles of every people in the world so its really sad to know that hummer officially shuts down.

I agree. Chinese is willing to buy the GM Hummer but they didn’t accept their offer.. and now the hummer project is at end.

Well GM should accept the Chinese offer of buying the Hummer to save the legend of the HUMMER.

that was a sad news from GMC, so what is the replacement vehicle for the US Army?

very sad to hear it, we will miss you

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