The future highways to be made of rubber?

This is a new experiment started in Great Britain thaks to Peter Coates Smith, president of the Hold fast, one company specialized in rubber mantles. The HoldFast Rubber Highway is a unique system developed from the basic HoldFast Level Crossing System.

Component Parts

The Panels

HoldFast panels are 1.8 metres to 7 metres in length when positioned laterally along the track. They consist of a cess panel (outside of the rail edge) and two gauge panels (these sit in between the two rails).
The panels have been thoroughly tested and proven in some of the most critical level crossing locations on the UK rail network.

Heat Testing

Heat testing has been performed to satisfy the stringent requirements set by London Underground Ltd (consisting of Metronet SSL, Tubelines, BCV and of course LUL) to gain a concession across the network (recently acquired by HoldFast).

Aluminium Supports

Within these three panels, five lengths of aluminium supports are laid longitudinally along the sleepers. These are also at a predetermined length to provide adequate support for the end of panels and to provide a manageable length for the installation crews to cope with.

This means theat sleepers can be left at their normal random centres.

Panel connections

A unique patented connection system has been developed for these trials.

Safety curbs

The HRH system also includes side curbs (as seen on the artist’s impression, above), although these have not been installed on the trial run.


I’m curious what the cause is, I’m going to suggest the drivers. I’ve been hit twice in the last ten years by just two cars, both hybrids. They’re kind of the antithesis of the enthusiast car, lots of delightful little tech displays to distract, limited visibility out the back and marginal along the sides, numb feedback, lots of insulating the driver from the act of driving - combined with the sort who look at cars as purely transport mechanisms and actually don’t like to drive and you’ve got a recipe for pedestrian hunting.

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