The Ladies of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

When it comes to a major show, we like watching all those great supercars that are displayed. However, the beauty of a car, like the new LaFerrari, is further accentuated by a beautiful girl placed next to it.

So, especially for you guys, we have prepared this picture gallery with the hottest girls we saw in Geneva: from blondes to brunettes to redheads, and every category of hot chick found on the show floor. All you have to do is just pick your favorite. The problem is that, unlike the cars, no girl was for sale so all you can to do is admire!

Keep in mind, folks, these images aren’t really the best to look at while the wife, boss or young kids are around, so make sure you are all alone before you start drooling.

To learn more about all the models displayed in Geneva, check here .



I was not surprise to learn that there are girls in 2013 Geneva motor show. Maybe because most of the visitors are male as well as the motor show is more interesting when there are beautiful models to present the car.

When you told that these images aren’t really the best to look at while the wife, boss or kids are around I was expecting more...But they are nice.

So many pretty dresses. Few of them are very very nice, elegant, but some are so inappropriate.

Oh my Gog! I just saw a par of short pants that are awesome. I want them!!!

The girls are ok, but not amazing, not all of them. And some seem to be quite old.

Finally! I was waiting this for so long. I love to see how they dressed.

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