The Ladies of the Moscow International Motor Show

The Ladies of the Moscow International Motor Show

The recently concluded Moscow International Motor Show was eventful for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the highly touted debut of Jaguar’s B7 ballistics-protected XJ Sentinel . And while most of us were thrilled to finally see the armored XJ break cover, the Moscow International Motor Show captured our attentions more than the plethora of vehicles that were exhibited during the multi-day event.

And just like any self-respecting man would tell you, unveiling a new car at an event as grandiose as the Moscow International Motor Show wouldn’t be as complete and as thrilling without the presence of some ridiculously gorgeous girls by its side, flaunting the car’s features and their own, much to our collective delight.

So, this album is a tribute to all the foxy ladies of the Moscow International Motor Show. The very same ladies whose presence made the event all the more exciting!

Source: MrMurtazin


Oh yeah, This is really what I loved about car shows, hot chicks plus hot cars is an extreme combination.

Extremely fantastic! I bet this event has been so interesting and exciting because of this gorgeous ladies!

This Moscow International Motor Show has lots of sights to offer. From beautiful ladies to wonderful cars, its all great! I love this event.

haha. This is weird I have seen all the pictures in the gallery and its all about the car girls! Hey, Where are the full view of cars?

The pictures aren’t displaying!...

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