The "Logical" Solstice

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Source: Petrol Head

Bob Lutz, head of product for General Motors, said that developing a coupe version of the Pontiac Solstice would be “the logical thing to do.” Pontiac appears to be logical.
According to Automotive news, a coupe version of the Solstice will debut next year. It will feature a four cylinder engine, but with more power than the current base Solstice engine. It will not, however, be available with a V-6. A V-6 is considered to heavy to allow optimum handling in the relatively light vehicle. 
A Solstice coupe has been rumored for over two years, ever since Lutz commented that he was “sure” GM would build a coupe version “in a couple of years.” At that time, Lutz predicted that the coupe would cost about $1000 less than the roadster, because it was less complex. Last year, Lutz said that adding new body styles is a good way to keep interest in a car line when the “new” has worn off. He predicted that a coupe version would look “exactly” like the concept Solstice Coupe first displayed in 2002, shown above.
The Solstice could use a boost, as sales have been slipping lately and GM has introduced its own competitor to the Solstice, the Saturn Sky. 


GM is getting rid of competition so they have a reason to keep that poor excuse of a sports car (Corvette) alive

So, GM is bringing competition from within its own doors to rat out a Pontiac 2-seater.....that has never happened before.........

A quick look at the posts on Edmunds gives me a reality check — people are paying MSRP or even 2-3K over MSRP for current Solstice. I guess I thought: "It’s Pontiac, they’ll deal."

Well, hell, I’ve been searching and hoping for an “affordable” RWD that’s not a hatchback and not a convertible. Like a BMW Z4, but four-cylinder turbo, more something I can afford. And here it is!

The upcoming slightly redesigned Mustang got me looking, then learned of new Camaro and Pontiac G8 — but these are larger and more expensive cars. Where can a chap who’s in the Mazda3 price range but willing to spend a little more for RWD find a car?

Audi A4, BMW 3 series, new Mercedes Benz C-class: too expensive, too luxury — spending money on things I don’t want or need or can afford.

Mazda3 and Mazda6, Hyundai Tiburon: FWD.

Solstice, Saturn Sky, Miata, Honda S2000: convertible.

Audi A3, SAAB 9-3 Sportcombi: hatchback.

Across the board, they’re FWD or convertible or hatchback or upscale. Anyone else think this is good news?

A coupe for Solstice ? Interesting...

1000$ less? Doubt it.

heh seems that solstice is starting to see some pressure

They heard me! No V6! Thank you...Apart from being too heavy, it’s just the wrong sort of thing for a car like the Solstice.

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