The new Jeep Patriot with a price tag of under $15K.

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Jeep releases the price for tje new Jeep Patriot, prices start at under $15K, and goes up to just over $22K, there is a Jeep for all pockets.

The new Jeep Patriot with a price tag of under $15K.

We have already seen the new Jeep Patriot, some purists believe that this is not a true Jeep in actual sense of the word, and maybe its not, yet there is a massive market place for this type and size of vehicle and therefore it should only be natural for Jeep to capitalise on their solid branding and enter this lucrative market.

With a starting price tag of under $15,000 for the Jeep Patriot Sport 4x2, this car is really good value for money and you are able to fly the flag by driving a Jeep. The range of models as you would expect is long and the options list is even longer, so for a top of the range model like the Jeep Patriot Limited 4x4 Off-Road will set you back over $22,000, so there is something for everyone in a range that offers a wide price range that is able to suit all pockets.

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