The New Mahindra Bolero 'Attitude' Is Ready

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Now this is what we call a real truck. It might not wear the Ram , Ford , or Chevrolet badge, but it’s just as good. The monster looking Bolero is a favorite of police, military, and some citizens who feel the need to be big and tall on the public roads, similar to driving a Hummer in the United States.

Now that the truck has been around 10 years, Mahindra are releasing a 2011 version truck with all the goodies that one might need to tame the Indian wilderness, such as a wicked light bar, a snorkel, tow loops, and a pick-axe.

According to the automaker, the Bolero is the best selling truck in India. It sold around 70,554 units year, which is quite a remarkable feat. This is certainly one of those vehicles that you either love or hate. Arnold Schwarzenegger types will love it, while green folk will believe it to be the anti-Christ. Either way, it sure does look neat.


Did they design this after Hammer models? It’s looking a lot like them.

I think Mahindra’s being subtle. If I were them, I’d name this ’Swagger’ because it really appears with full charisma.

They really packaged this jeep with attitude. Some may say that it is exaggerated, but some say that it looks cool. I like its black and orange colors.

I almost assumed from the picture that it was a Hummer. They even put a nice color combination of black and orange externally and internally.

This truck looks hideous! The details are overrated, and it’s too edgy. It’s definitely not my kind of truck.

They have manage to make a different version of Jeep but this time its kind of powerful. I really like the aggressiveness of this vehicle. And it look reliable as well.

Well, I have to say that India is starting to make a name in the automobile industry. And I would say that the speed performance is very impressive. I will not shocked that they will be next to the Japanese car.

I never got a chance to drive this truck..but I think it would be an awesome production. I didn’t know its specs but I guess it would be a reliable vehicle!

Wow! Comparing this car with the Jeep I think this production is better!70,554 units per year is an impressive figure. Over the ten years in the industry, I bet they have already prove their reliability!

It seems that this car would be reliable enough though its figure performance haven’t mention is just enough to know that its best selling truck.

Oh please, I’m really tired of a military based truck. Let’s just leave this thing to jeep . I have to admit that it really look so aggressive with its styling though I don’t know on what will be its engine performance.

haha. I don’t like on how this truck look, the exterior seems to be bloat loaded. And I have to agree that this not so aggressive as the Jeep Wrangler.

Oh! really? This car is a best selling truck? comparing that out with Mercedes and Jeep. I don’t think that it has an impressive look and aggressive detailing.

I think this is the worst Sports Utility that I have ever see. And Oh please! Just leave that color for the supercars. They should come up with more bold color and guess, its much better if they convert this one into Jeep its more closely look like that.

Not crazy about the orange as it makes it look cheaper (small trucks in florescent colors). Maybe black or even red might look good.

Kind of neat if it comes over at the right price (or at all). 8in ground clearance with a 2.5l diesel.

Looks seriously off road, would be great for deer hunting.

"The cabin seems to be fine and overall the car is quite spacious."

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