The New Mazdaspeed 3 To Get A Diesel?

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As rumors go, this one is somewhere in the middle. Not quite as crazy as it could be, but not really a sure thing. Mazda U.S VP of product development, Robert Davis, made a comment that a diesel engine could be in the next Mazdaspeed3 . That’s about all the information we have at this time.

We wouldn’t be opposed to this, but it seems odd that Mazda would put a diesel in the performance model and not the economy based standard Mazda3. That being said, if Mazda had boosted the new diesel Sky engine for performance, the new hot hatch could be something special.

There are many issues with this rumor though. We all know that the normal Mazdaspeed3 has issues with torque steer , so imagine how much there would be with a diesel motor. Not to mention a performance tuned Sky diesel will likely have to forgo efficiency for performance.

We would expect to see a diesel in the baseMazda3 way before we see one in the hot 3.


Great! They now have a diesel car which make it more economical.

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