The (New) Stig returns to Top Gear

That didn’t last long, did it?

Top Gear wasted little time in their search for the new Stig, heading back to the supposedly “top secret” farm they own where they breed hundreds of Stigs to look for a suitable replacement to the last incarnation who thought that writing his own memoir would make him more famous than his already cool gig as the show’s resident test driver.

The process of finding the right Stig turned out to be a laborious endeavor as a number of Stigs proved to be failed breeds with some being a little too violent, whereas others found talents that are completely unrelated to the automotive industry. Apparently, one Stig even thought of becoming the next great literary author – nice potshot, Top Gear.

Fortunately, out of all the misfits and cast-offs, one Stig was wired to the exact requirements Top Gear was looking for. With nothing but setting fast laps on his mind, this Stig was the one. So, from a farm that breeds Stigs of varying shapes, colors, and sizes, the new Stig has finally emerged, ready, willing, and ever so able to fill in the shoes of the departed version.

Check out the video after the jump to see how the whole Stig-picking process came to fruition.

Source: Top Gear


They are really so getting into this aren’t they? That’s quite a lot of multicolored Stigs there. I wonder why they didn’t take the Stig who wants to be a writer smiley

haha..I thought there is a audition for the next member of the Japanese sitcom "Power Ranger"

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