The next Dodge Viper logo

As you might remember a while ago few privileged Dodge dealers were able to catch a glimpse of the next generation Viper . While Dodge did their best to keep the car a secret, people are already talking about what future will bring. And next to this rumors we also have a image of the future Viper logo.

The 2012 Viper is known as the "Generation V Viper." According to people whom were invited to the event, the new model will feature a new front end, much more sophisticated then before, LED lights, 2 vents, one on each side that was located right behind the door and the rear panel looked almost like an Astin Martin .

"This car is definitely beautiful, but maybe a little too kind. Looking at the new Gen 5 logo, it doesn’t match the look yet. I know some of us wanted a meaner more aggressive look, and I think they are close."

Source: Dragtimes


sorry for my ignorance, but is the Viper the successor of Cobra? Well, for the logo it looks like a sticker type image.

To the comment that the Viper logo has not changed since 1991, there was the original "Sneaky Pete" logo (which I like best), and it represented the Viper through the first two generations of the model from 1991 to 2004. The Generation 3 and 4 Vipers had the "Fangs" logo which is is a bit more iconic (like the Ram logo) went from 2005-2010, and this new one looks more literal to me, like a snake drawing more than an icon. But it
is still mean looking, like it’s poised to strike!

10,000rpm is never going to happen out of that engine, the piston travel is much too long for that. It would have to be a completely new engine design. If i had to guess Ferrari probably did the air intake system if they worked on the engine. But my bet is they did the software for traction and suspension control.

A good looking fair priced car, and shut up your not in position to tell what’s cool and what’s ugly, I saw the last cars from Russia, and they wore way more ugly then this.

I finally see it! I could never see it last week because the images were always so small.

It means we might actually get a decent car. Thank god they finally decided to euthanize such a Frankenstein collection of truck parts and dreams of being anything like Ferrari. I can’t believe people buy these without the intention of hauling quads or going hunting. I’d rather have a Civic at the track.

About the only thing Chrysler is doing right these days. Way to go for at least not taking a crap on your biggest fan base.

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