The Price Is Not Right: College student misses out on Tesla Roadster at the Price Is Right

Car prizes are nothing in the Price Is Right, but for this particular episode, host Drew Carey had something special in store for Rhett, a young college student from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Calling it the most expensive prize they’ve ever given out on the show - it’s valued at $112,000 - Carey gave Rhett every reason to do what college kids do best these days - go crazy and jump up and down on-stage - by giving him a chance to win a Tesla Roadster .

The good news is, Rhett just about passed out on stage when he saw the car, a probable sign that he knew a thing or two about the roadster. As for the bad news, Rhett didn’t go home with the car, but he probably became an instant celebrity in his campus for his on-stage reaction to seeing the Roadster.

Source: YouTube


Yeah, many people are also asking why tesla has overpriced their roadster with a low performance.

I really don’t know why lotus declare it’s price is more than it’s performance.

That’s pretty awesome, he don’t even suffer from a difficulty to win the smooth and pretty cool Tesla Roadster. Good work.

YES, the tesla is an over price car it’s price is 20% more than the GT-R. But it’s perfromance didn’t even reach the 50% of the GT-R.

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