The Women of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Every auto show needs more than just the fancy debuts and out-of-this-world concepts. Sure, those cars pretty much make up the entire essence of the event, but no auto show is complete without the presence of the lovely ladies.

Just like all the major auto events in the calendar, the female delegation at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show certainly didn’t disappoint. We certainly love how their presence in events like this can divert our attention from some of the finest pieces of metal that are on display to just look at and be smitten with these beautiful ladies.

Geneva offered a fine mix of gorgeous women that certainly caught our attention. It wasn’t enough to keep us away from the cars, but the eye candy definitely served as a nice compliment to all the cars that were on display.

And no, we didn’t get phone numbers, nor did we ask for them. We did take some photos, though, which you can check out in the gallery!


Geneva Motor Show truly showed lots of great cars. And lots of hot girls also. That combination is truly the key to the success of the show.

It’s very unfortunate for me because I wasn’t able to attend the 2012 Geneva Motor Show to see some great cars and hot girls.

Won’t they get in trouble because of these girls?

These ladies are distracting!

They look so hot just like the featured cars. Could there be any possibility of a lady concept? Ha ha just a relief. 

It’s good to see that they are dressed appropriately. Lately, what they wear is becoming an issue.

I’m truly envious of the people who got to see these beauties there along with the gorgeous cars!

I wish I’ve been there to get lost in the world of automotive and women!

Those women were as appealing as the supercars. smiley That was such a nice pair up.

Asides from the cars around you, there are also a lot of lovely ladies; you just can’t take your eyes off on either!

I almost forgot that I’m in the middle of a motor show because of the eye-catching ladies around me! They’re stunningly gorgeous!

All the ladies are lovely, and I want to take them to a ride. LOL!

I bet some men will be distracted by the appearance of these beautiful women. :P

Oh, they are like the side dishes there. I mean, certainly, the main course is the show but having these attractive women around is a bonus.

These women truly are gorgeous. smiley They make nice complementary to the super cars; it’s an event any man dreams of.

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