This drunken man gives Barbie a bad name

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Hold on to your hats everyone, this madman is speeding down the road. Is he driving a Ferrari 599 GTO ? A Porsche Panamera ? Maybe a Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera ? No, folks, we are sorry to say that this drunken fellow was hightailing it down his street in Essex in a pink Barbie toy car. Paul Hutton, a former RAF aeronautical engineer, was helping his son with a project for his car mechanics course when he decided that he simply had to take the car out for a spin. Maxing out at 4mph, the Barbie car is suitable for children between the ages of 3-5. Of course, when you’ve been drinking, your mental capacity can sometimes lead you to act like you’re between the ages of 3-5, so Hutton went for a ride. We can’t figure out what was more embarrassing: driving around in a pink Barbie car or receiving a DUI while driving around in a pink Barbie car. It’s simply a no win situation.

Hutton’s thoughts on the situation?

"You have to be a contortionist to get in, and then you can’t get out. I was very surprised to get done for drunk-driving but I was a twit to say the least.”

Yes, sir, to say the least. Hutton received a three year ban from driving only because this was his second DUI in ten years. We assume the last time he received the DUI he was riding a Hello Kitty model.

The judge’s comments?

"The vehicle is not even capable of doing the speed of a mobility scooter and could be outrun by a pedestrian."

Our opinion?

After a few good, long laughs we figured this was the epitome of drunken hilarity.


haha. I think there’s no reason for us to forgot this dude for giving barbie a bad name!hehe I really feel shame for this man and I don’t want to be in his shoes! Poor son his dad embarrass him so much!

Well, I guess his son never respect his dad after that!haha I feel ashamed for him that’s the awful place to get a DUI and been ban for three years in driving! Long laugh would be a good way to start my saysmiley

it’s like a kid’s trap for April Fool’s Day..hehe

haha..barbie will be madsmiley

nice joke. It sound so familiar with one of the gaga show on tv.

haha. The title of this articles is so cool!!

Darn, he can even describe how to get in the car. He is really drunk at that time.

Was that man a little bitter about Barbie? Maybe his ex named after that cute doll.

haha. When I’m reading the article i can’t stop laughing. He is really drunk, no doubt about that.

He’s just helping his son and he enjoyed it a lot! Speeding is a no, no and speeding with a Barbie car is humiliating!

haha. He just make him self a topic for a big joke.

I think this guy only want’s an attention that’s why he did those things, but it is really awesome looks like a jackass.

Well, at least he made the barbie car running even though it can run up to 4mph, not bad for a toy, am I right?

Yeah, I thought of it too. I guess he’s just imagining that he also has a ferrari and pushing the pedal to the metal.

Dang! Maybe he’s imagining he’s driving a ferrari. Well, that’s what you will get if you compensate your body with alcohol.

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