This Has To Be The Ugliest Lamborghini Reventon Ever

What happens when people want a car so bad, but don’t have enough money to buy it? Well, they start building replicas. Sometimes these things go well, but most of the time they go horribly, horribly wrong. This Lamborghini Reventon is probably one of the more severe cases of instances when the result is one of the ugliest and most unsuccessful builds to date.

There’s a man over in China that drives an old Nissan A31, but his dream car has always been a Lamborghini Reventon . He eye-balled his Nissan and found ways to convert his daily driver into his version of a Reventon. We say his version because there was no way his $13,800 and his homemade parts could ever match the precision and quality of a true $2.3 million Lamborghini.

He started by buying a scale model of a Reventon and day by day, his 1995 Nissan A31 took on some replica parts and some homemade parts resembling the pieces from one of the most exclusive cars on Earth. He dropped in a Lamborghini RB25 engine and 12 days later, had himself what he calls his Lamborghini Reventon.

It’s sad. It’s just so sad.


He is a Chinese right? He wants the Reventon badly, that’s why he had come up with this situation. I admire his work somehow though I know it was not that easy to build a replica, but still it looks horrible.

I agree that it really needs a lot of effort to mold something like this. Well, I guess the creator’s effort is just enough to make a more appealing vehicle but I admire his guts.

I don’t think that this is the lamest replica version of Lamborghini. Actually, I find it kind of creative and it really needs patience to assemble the edgy platform of the car. With proper touches of paint on the car I bet it would be an awesome ride.

haha ! I’m sure that this is the number one in the most ugliest and dirtiest rendition of Lamborghini. No one would ever want a car like this.

Well, I can see that this guys has a talent. And I bet if given a good materials, his creation would be perfect!@micopeterson , its not really hideous at all, try to look in different angle.

@BlueRSX, I have noticed that one also!I bet TopSpeed is too confident that no one would try to use that image as a wallpaper or something!

This one is definitely one of the worst looking knockoff that I have seen. It really looks like just a horrid mass of metal scraps. Just goes to show that he is indeed Chinese.

Well, the guy really looks like he’s proud of his work. And I actually would agree with you guys that he does have some talent. Maybe a few more resources and he can come up with something radical.

Well, from the looks of it, it seems that the car is actually far from being complete. Just look at the rough edges, it seems that he is still planning to add a few more to it.

Yeah, definitely looks weird. But you definitely has to give the guy props for his skills. If he probably had more money and better materials, he might have come up with a better replica.

What the heck is that? Really looks nothing like a cor and more of a mishmash of metal sheets. And it looks like it wouldn’t go a mile off without first breaking apart.

hmm. I think its in the blood of Chinese to imitate things and yet there’s no quality at all! I like his creativity but ruining a Nissan A31 to make a crap..Well, I think that’s kind of mortal sin!

If I could remember, this is not the first time that a Chinese tries to make a replica
of Lamborghini. However, this version is kind of hideous compare to version that I have seen previously. The form of the roof is okay but the body needs to be more sleeker as well as the
front hood. And with a great paint job this car might be quite good.

What’s even more funny is that there is no TopSpeed watermark on the image.

If put this thing into some movie like "Death Race" then it is awesome...

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