Thought driving an F1 car was easy? Check out Rosberg's driving position!

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Any Formula One fanatic out there will know that driving an F1 car is much harder than it seems. Not only do drivers have to survive constant pressures on their necks and all the other major muscles in the body because of the massive g-forces achieved, they also have the ability to change almost every setting imaginable from the advanced steering wheel all while practically lying down in the car, as Nico Rosberg explains in the following video.

While watching on from the outside, it’s obvious that F1 drivers sit in a very unconventional position, but Rosberg’s true driving position may surprise many. In order to fit comfortably in the car, the driver’s feet are actually placed higher up in the car than their helmets, and this obviously hampers blood flow to their feet.

During the video, Rosberg also explains how the teams go about forming and constructing the carbon-fiber seats and even goes on to state that individual pieces of foam are often used to help soften the rigid seats, with Rosberg mentioning that only limited amounts of foam can be used because in the world of Formula One, “foam is very heavy.”


I’m still in the process of evaluating how the drivers are even possibly comfortable with this position.

I can’t imagine driving with almost in lying position.

No one could ever be comfortable in that position!

I wonder how much damage will they receive if an accident happens while on the circuit.

I must say that this is insane for me as a normal driving person.

This is my first time to see how to drive the F1 cars, and I must say it’s totally tiring and harder than I thought. Well, I salute those drivers who pursue their dream, even if they are undergoing this kind of driving.

Isn’t this hard and uncomfortable? Now, we’ve seen how driving an F1 car is not really exciting at some point.

It’s most definitely not easy and uncomfortable! Now, I am curious about how they view the track from the inside.

It’s not the first time that I’ve seen something like this, but I got so used to seeing racers driving in a normal sitting position! It seems to be a lot harder like this!

I’ve always thought that racers usually sit at a normal driving position. Seeing this quite brings a jolt to me; I never imagined it to be this hard. It’s like lying in the bed while competing.

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