Thrustmaster T500RS wants to become the ultimate Gran Turismo 5 racing wheel

Now that Gran Turismo 5 is burning up the time of all males between the ages of 18-80, we can now turn our attention to the best way to enjoy a racing simulator like GT5. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind are those external steering wheels that take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

For a time, Logitech’s Driving Force was the only steering wheel controller available on the market for racing sims like GT5. But today, we received word that Thrustmaster has thrusted – no pun intended – themselves in the conversation with the T500RS, an officially licensed steering wheel accessory for Gran Turismo 5 . It was only a matter of time before Logitech found itself a worthy steering wheel controller competitor and apparently, that time has finally come.

We haven’t had the chance to test out the T500RS, but Thrustmaster has put out the bold proclamation that theirs is the best GT5 steering wheel accessory in the market. And with the price tag of $500, it sure costs like one.

Certainly, forking over that kind of money is a pretty big investment in its own right. But if Thrustmaster is all they say they are, it should be a must for every GT5-playing nut to experience the thrill of playing the game the only way it should be played. And, by the way, there’s a definite emphasis on the word "nut."

Source: Thrustmaster


hmm. I would say that $500 is quite huge amount. And i don’t think that its reasonable to spend that money for a game not unless you a rich dude. I’d better use the traditional controller, the excitement never lessen thoughsmiley

Well, I find the GT5 very interesting car game because of tons of features. And I think the steering wheel for game controller is kind of cool compare to the traditional controller. 

you can buy a steering wheel that’s all fine and dandy, to bad the people developing these race games besides gran Turismo are not supporting any steering wheels so kinda pointless to even talk about these overpriced steering wheels,

The thrustmaster on the other hand is late to the party and just because the buttons are marked with the ps3 buttons doesn’t make this worth it. Remember the g27 works with PC as well, I played shift and race 07 before gt5. I just wished it worked on 360 as well.

agree on every one... as long as the Logitech MOMO is around grabbing the Number one spot is truly difficult.

dude thrustmaster is a different level of steering wheel for game.. this is a high end one and specially made for GT5, while the Logitec and A4tec
is just for Beginners.

First of all the game is awesome, despite its flaws. Second of all even if it was as terrible as you claim, like all PS2 and PS3 wheels, it’s USB, so you’ll be able to use it with PC racers as well as any other racing game on PS3.

i guess they will have a hard time beating the Logitech momo version racing wheel. its a lot more cheaper and tested.

I just bought 3 days of racing school for $500. 1 night in class, 2 days on track with an instructor in your passenger seat the entire time. At the end I get my racing license. This wheel is a ripoff.

$500 for a wheel? smiley would probably be cheaper to take the car wheel and mount it on a cheaper platform. Or nowadays the car driving requires pushing 10 buttons aside steering wheel and pedals?

It’s obvious they are deliberately keeping the support problems for G25/27, because that’s gonna increase the sales of the gt branded wheel.

If it’s actually a good wheel, and not just an expensive one, it would probably be worth it for anyone who enjoys racing sims. I’ve been using a Logitech Momo for the past few years. Infinitely better than the cheapo one I had before it. Still, at $500, it has to be really really good.

good luck for them, remember logitec and a4tech is also one of the best racing wheels for game, and both are tried and tested.. but lets just wait for some reviews before buying the thrustmaster.

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