Tiger-looking Lotus Elise Superlight looks mean and powerful

Tiger-looking Lotus Elise Superlight looks mean and powerful

Admit it; the first time you looked at the photo, you thought the owner had some weird fascinations with tigers. How else do you explain this Lotus Elise Superlight in California that looks a lot like Tigress in the movie ‘Kung-Fu Panda’?

We don’t have too many details on the car but we’re thinking that with the way this Elise Superlight has been set up – notably the exposed rear engine - it’s probably got more power under its hood than a standard Lotus Elise romping around the streets these days.

You don’t find a lot of cars that can pull of the ‘ferocious feline’ look and get away with it. This one sure does and it also should help that it’s got the power of one too.

Source: Jalopnik


I do think that "XPRMTL" is experimental but it’s a guess by the way. Maybe the inspiration of this Lotus Elise tune-up based on a tiger that change the matte of this one and having some whiscurs on the side that definite alike to a tiger or maybe a cat family as a general category.

On the way it looks, the chassis looks good and as well as the design. A good experiment by the way. Just curious on the plate of it "XPRMTL". For my understanding, it’s "Experience Metal".

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