Too much Skin: Beijing Auto Show Organizers Reprimanded for Scantily Clad Models

There are two things that are a part of nearly every auto show: sexy cars and equally appealing women. With the latter often comes clothing that leaves very little to the imagination. Well apparently, the Capital Ethics Development Office of China – the morality police, per se – decided that it wanted none of it, as they reprimanded the Beijing Auto Show officials for such scantily clad women, per a report from Bloomberg.

From what we saw of the Beijing Auto Show , the number of skin-flaunting women wasn’t nearly as high as we are used to, so we are left wondering what exactly the Chinese government wants. There were, of course, the obligatory more-skin-than-clothes models, but for the most part the women were dressed pretty moderately for an auto show, and the video from Bloomberg (above) shows them.

We totally understand that the Chinese government is more reserved than most, but c’mon, it’s an auto show. Who is mostly drawn to auto shows? The answer is, primarily men in their 30s and 40s. What do most men in their 30s and 40s like just about as much as cars? Well, we think you can figure it out…

We guess we’ll just have to see what happens next year at the Beijing Auto Show. We certainly hope the women aren’t prancing around in pant suits – eek. If so, we will all use a lot less space on our digital cameras.

Source: Bloomberg


Only because they pay too much attention to them that they notice these things. The show is for fun anyway.

Seriously, even the models are to be judged?!

Well, their role is to even liven up the show. What’s the point if they can’t show skin?

It depends on the models’ attitudes and behavior, to be honest. One can bare too much, but can still stay classy.

I agree with this somehow. It’s because of them that the show loses decency.

Frankly, it depends on the models if they look decent or not. Some still look classy, while some just really appear obscene.

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