Top Gear boys spotted in Israel

Those boys from Top Gear are just racking up their frequent flyer miles, aren’t they?

A few weeks ago, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May trooped to the US to do a number of scenes for season 15 of Top Gear. Now, the troika has once again been spotted in a foreign land about half a world away from US soil.

Yep, photos of the boys have been taken while filming somewhere between Jordan and Israel. From these photos, we see them riding a bunch of sports cars – not to the level of the Ferraris, Mercedes, and Porsches they were spotted driving around the US – that includes a cow-looking BMW Z3 , a dinged up and muddy Fiat Barchetta , and a very colorful Mazda MX-5 roadster with a shisha on the side.

We don’t know what these chaps are doing with these cars, but given their nature of off-beat drives and wacky races, we’re guessing that it falls somewhere along those lines. There’s also word that they might be on their way to Nazareth, which is where Jesus himself lived for quite some time. Talk about a reincarnated version of the Three Kings riding sports cars instead of camels.

Source: HW Zone


Maybe they’re hunting for something unique for their upcoming episode. Or the boys are just having a great vacation in Israel?

Are they on a vacation? Or they are shooting for another episode? That looks cool though. Hope they can find new auto-discovery in Israel.

I appreciate you guys giving us updates, but you’re kind of ruining the surprise. Maybe I’m weird, but I like to save the shock of finding out what exotic countries they’ve ended up in for when I’m watching the episode.

Yeah agreed, wish we didn’t get this here because now i have to watch this thing on the roads. It’s not ugly but extremely bland and feels like an afterthought from Audi, even the 1-series convertible looks better.

they are filming for the top gear christmas special,recreating the journey of the 3 wise men.

Well, we couldn’t deny the fact that the troika has a great talent in driving. So it doesn’t really matter to me on what car they are using as long as they could show their talent their.

man January is way too long, i guess ill give top gear usa a shot to see how it is

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