Top Gear builds three of the worst motorhomes you'll ever find

When we saw that video of those British parents giggling and screaming like little girls when they passed the Top Gear crew filming a new segment for their show, two things immediately came to our minds. The first was "these parents are absolute whack jobs". The second thing was "what on earth are those boys from Top Gear driving?"

It took a few days of searching, but finally we found what we were looking for. It turns out, Clarkson, Hammond, and May were filming driving custom-made motorhomes as part of a challenge where these guys were ordered to build their own moving caravans. We swear; these guys are coming up with weirder and weirder challenges by the episode.

Words won’t do justice to what you’re about to see, so we’re just going to invite all of you to let the photos do the talking.

Source: GT Spirit


haha.. just imagine that’s your home. looks so convenient.. you can bring along you home.

And there goes his home, riding down road... lol

ugly, worst, awful is the right word.. they’ve should build an RV instead building like this.

I think they put a building on the top of that car is really weird! They look so funny like a jackass. Can’t believed they made a building on the top of the car.

Sure that house is quite heavy. Look at the rear wheels they should add some hydraulics on the rear portion of the car.

Yeah! It looks awful to use a wagon to make a motor home. It looks weird and nasty. It think I would be impressed if they used a pick up truck such as Ram or Tacoma.

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