Top Gear continues to grow, now set for a South Korean version

Top Gear’s popularity is growing at such a meteoric rate that we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an Antarctica version in the near future. For now, the Top Gear expansion is growing to South Korea, becoming the second Asian nation - next to China - to spawn a version of the hit British show.

According to Final Gear, a South Korean version of Top Gear is currently being prepared using the same formula as all other versions of Top Gear. While we probably have no clue as to who the prospective hosts are - reports are saying that the troika will comprise of professional race driver Kim Jin-Pyo, auto enthusiast Kim Kap-Soo, and local celebrity Yeon Jung-Hoon - these guys are probably big enough in their homeland to be tapped as the three hosts that will be joining the Korean Stig on the show. Oh yea, there’s going to be a Stig there too!

While details are still being withheld, there’s word that the series is already in production for a 13-episode first season set to debut this August on a channel called XTM, which shouldn’t be confused with the creators of the X-Bow. Rumored segments including racing against a bullet train - that’s fresh! - and a cross-country road trip.

Maybe they should have a race to the Korean border to see who gets in trouble first. Just a suggestion.

Source: Final Gear


I just wonder if they are willing to make a death-defying stunt on their show? I never so much about the demand of car in the South Korea but I think wherever there is market for car, a show like this would be a good guidance to choose the best.

Well, I guess the South Korean version had a great chance to be aired since there is a growing popularity and car demand on that place. And it seems that they are going to follow the format of Top Gear UK as well.

@Ashton Blake Unfortunately, my country’s internet speed can’t let me open TopGear’s website smoothly, I might have to wait 2 hours to watch a 1 hour

@kaideathman hehehe! I think they already have the episode up for download. Much better than watching it on Youtube, since it has higher quality. Might take sometime to get though.

@Ashton Blake Nope, have been busy recently, and Malaysia seems to be a bit outdated...So the only way to watch it is on

This only shows how Top Gear spreads in the world. A wonderful auto reviews show that brings quality information to its viewers is a must see one.

@kaideathman I am definitely with you on that one, hehehe! That guy is really crazy when driving huge cars. You seen the first ep for this season? He really went crazy with that truck.

@Ashton Blake Watching Richard Hammond’s crash already makes me feels "good"

Well, let’s just see how well they would be able to pull this one off. And let’s just hope that this one doesn’t end in the same way as that of TopGear USA (though they are still going for a second season).

@kaideathman hehehe! You are definitely right on that. Just take a look at what nearly happened to Tanner Foust in Topgear US, he was nearly killed in one stunt.

@Ashton Blake Yea, mad driving skills. Is easy to be mad, but will survive or not thats the question, lol...

Wouldn’t be really surprised if they would have a Top Gear North Korea edition in just a few month’s time. And for their initial challenge: they would see who can obey Great Leader Kim Jong Il first.

@kaideathman well, they would probably be thinking of a Top Gear Malaysia right now. As for you being chosen a host, well you might want to show them your mad driving skills first.

Lol, lets hope they make a Top Gear Malaysia and make me a host. =="

I doubt that they would be able to do the over the top stunts that the British version is doing. South Korea has rather strict TV laws which would probably not allow it.

Well now, that one wasn’t a surprise at all. Considering that Hyundai and Kia is based here, and that a lot of other car companies are starting to branch here, it seems only logical that they should also have their own version of Top Gear.

This would be a positive feedback for the Top Gear, it seems that popularity of their show was already captures the attention of Koreans. However, its seems that they are planning to copy the original concept of the show.. I hope to see something new.

Wow! I wonder if this "popularity grow" have something to do with the increase in car sales among Koreans? And maybe that’s the reason why GM is planning to built a open design studio in this country. Well, there’s a Top Gear US, China so most probably Top Gear South Korea will on its way!

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