Top Gear's Annual Christmas Show to Air in February 2013

Top Gear Season 17 moved to June 26?

Every holiday season, one of the most anticipated shows on television is Top Gear’s Christmas Special. Remember when the Nutcracker always used to play on TV during Christmas? At some point, A Charlie Brown Christmas took over for the Nutcracker as the main Christmas special. These days, at least for us car nuts, it’s the Top Gear Christmas Special that we schedule our day around.

There’s only one problem, there won’t be a Top Gear Christmas Special this year... at least not until February.

In an obviously disappointing turn of events, the Top Gear Christmas Special won’t be aired until February. According to Captain Slow himself, James May, the show’s delay stemmed from production delays that, according to May, pushed filming until "quite late in the year and there is a lot of editing putting it together.”

In addition, the new season will only carry six episodes, instead of the traditional eight, putting an even bigger pout on our faces. Nevertheless, we expect loads of the same thing with Top Gear, even if the season is going to be two episodes shorter and won’t start until ‘Top Gear’s February Christmas Special’ airs.

Guess we’ll just have to settle for old, reliable Charlie Brown this year…

Source: Express UK


Ok.... so seriously folks. The BBC has only two jobs. To produce a full series of Top Gear and one for the Doctor, and maybe do some news show in the interim. Get your priorities straight guys!

Christmas is not Christmas without this special editionsmiley

I can not believe it! And how much I expected it ...

All I know is that any Top Gear can’t come soon enough!

Xmas Special will most likely air at the end of the series.

I am away in february so I’ll have to wait even longer to see it.

i heard that there will be a summer series (20) this year.

James mentions "the third week of January" for the start of the new season...

Only six episodes?! that’s a pity smiley(

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