Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson gets blamed for upturned Reliant

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Illustrating a clear example of how "one bad apple spoils the bunch," some morons over in the UK have decided it would be a good idea to steal a car and flip it over on its side. Now, the owner of the Reliant is pointing the finger at our very own, Jeremy Clarkson.

Barry Cloughton has driven a Reliant Robin for over 40 years and his latest Reliant was one of the last ones to roll off of the production line when the company decided to stop making them. Apparently, this special car was the target of an idiotic attempt to recreate a Jeremy Clarkson stunt that was aired just two and a half hours before the yobs’ attempt was performed. The stunt, which was part of a "best" episode that was aired on Sunday night, shows Jeremy Clarkson taking the Reliant on a 17 mile route in Yorkshire where the Reliant regularly flipped over on its side.

Upon discovering that his very special Reliant had been stolen and damaged, Cloughton was so distressed that the paramedics had to be called to provide him with medical attention. The thing that makes this situation even worse is that the neanderthals came back around 3am to try the stunt again!

Owner, Cloughton, feels that it is not a coincidence the hoodlums performed the same act seen on Top Gear and calls Clarkson’s stunts ”ridiculous, irresponsible and dangerous” and that the show "put the idea into their heads". Don’t get us wrong; we definitely feel bad for Mr. Cloughton and we feel bad that he was put through this traumatic ordeal, but why blame Clarkson for the act of some neanderthals? Clarkson is making a living doing something he loves, and if anyone is to blame, its the delinquents that decided stealing a car and vandalizing it would be a good idea.

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Not everything you see on television is real, besides pointing fingers is an immature act. One fun person surely is hilarious, but we’re all aware laughing over someone’s misery isn’t appropriate and Jeremy Clarkson probably knows that too.

It was a news breaker and it seems that the reporters were fed up. I feel sad about him and I am glad he survived that kind of incident.

It’s his car you know. He had the right to do everything he wanted on his car. If he wants his car to be smashed or crashed, we don’t need to care. The reason why he is blamed is that there is a man who really loved his reliant car but then robbed. I’m getting confused with all of your comments. HAHA

Well, I have seen that episode, the three-wheeled Reliant! I have to say that this is a vintage car that needs a lot of care! But then, Jeremy Clarkson just ruined everything.

I don’t get it.. is this the vehicle that was used in their previous episode? I think I have seen that car with a lot of bruises due to the several fall! It seems that Jeremy have put himself in the big trouble.

It is a big scoop for some reporters. This issue must end as soon as possible. For me, no one to blame in this situation. I’m sure they have a better explanation for this one.

That’s the incident that they should avoided in the next attempts. Just kidding. They should just settle this issue properly so that nobody will put into blame or shame.

That’s a very sad ending for this scenario. How I wish everything will be settled and just take extra precaution next time.

I feel sorry for this man. Well, now you have learned your lesson and will never do such thing again. But hey, don’t you think you can escape with this incident? It is an accident or intentional?

Well, this is not really a big deal..what’s the use of insurance anyway..if the owner is freaking with the damaged on his car.

Jeremy has been this adventurous character that’s why he "unknowingly" crashed certain car like the Porsche GT3. Well, I think what he done in their show with the Reliant is quite impressive. However, I think its too much on what he done with the Reliant.

Aw! That’s crazy! Why the hell does Jeremy done that ridiculous thing!I understood if Mr. Cloughton put charges on Clarkson.

Haha.. Its actually funny but when considering Mr.Cloughton, it is very depressing to see one’s special car stolen for some stupid stunt and is damaged. These shows always attract youth for doing such crazy acts and should be controlled.

Next time, don’t dare to copy someone else’s stunt.

Nice, we’ve been waiting for the release of this car.

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