Top Gear's New Book, The Alternative Highway Code

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Top Gear's New Book, The Alternative Highway Code

Even though they aren’t on television at the moment, the Top Gear boys are still making us laugh with their unique automotive related humor. The trio has created a new book, called the Ministry of Top Gear: Alternative Highway Code.

The book is filled with the normal Top Gear humor. Apparently, the appendix is quite a laugh, as there are phrases such as “Animal Shape Dents,” and “I Have No Idea How Harrison Ford Became Involved.” That should be all you need to know about what the rest of the book is like.

Those of us who aren’t book readers shouldn’t have an issue getting through the 115 pages of words and illustrations. It’s not like the book is a hard read, as there are topics that attempt to explain that if you reverse fast enough you can travel back in time.

This is an awesome product for any Top Gear lover or any car lover in general, and the price tag is quite reasonable at an economical $12.

Source: GearPatrol



Surprisingly enough, ’Sting’ is STILL wrestling. Some show called TNA has pictures of him on the promos.

Still waiting for a Season 16 launch date.... and a TG America date.

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