Top Gear USA To Premiere November 21st

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This has been quite a hectic week in the world of automotive journalism as Top Gear USA is getting close to hitting the airwaves. Now, we finally have a date for when the show will premier on The History Channel. The first episode will hit the air on November 21st.

There is no doubt in our minds that the show will be worth watching, as most shows that involve fast cars usually are. We are worried that it might not be the hit that the original was, as Americans don’t usually take to these sorts of programs, but the popularity of Top Gear UK and the fact that Top Gear Russia and Top Gear Australia are doing okay on their own, leave us to believe that the big name auto show might just make it on this side of the pond.

Okay, so we don’t have the witty repertoire of Clarkson, Hammond, and May, but rumors are suggesting that theAmerican trio have built a good chemistry of their own plus we still get the same secret race driver , celebrity guests , and funny challenges . Our hope is that this show will get the chance it deserves after all of the time and effort has been put into ts production. Basically, watch the first show before you decide if you love it or hate it.

Stay tuned for further updates on the next chapter of Top Gear and make sure to mark November 21st on your calendars as the fateful day where we are sure everyone in America that is obsessed with cars will make their final decision on what they think of America’s version of Top Gear.


Well, it seems that it started it all here! When the Top Gear US is just a plan and few dislike and criticizing this news! However, its a good news that it attracted million of viewers on
its last season

Some says that this one was just a ripped off of the other program. I really can’t believe that the production wasted their time just to air something which was a ’copied’ format?

I have seen its footages and I am not satisfied with the whole program. Maybe they lack preparation to shoot this episode.

One thing MajorGeek says that I agree with is the way they treat American cars and culture.

At last..I have heard that the premiere episode is quite successful..

I’ll be waiting for the twist they have for this season...I hope they will not spoil the "Ben Collins" whatsoever.

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