Top Speed Rendering: 2014 Maserati mid-engined sportscar

Just two days ago we were reporting that Maserati is preparing anew mid-engined sports car to rival Porsche 911 and today we have a pretty cool rendering of the future car for you. The company is being pretty secretive about this new model, but we still have enough time to learn about it as an official debut is not expected until late in 2014.

It has been rumored that Maserati might revive the GranSport name, so this new model could carry this name. But no matter how it will be called, one thing is for sure: it will share various performance aspects with the Ferrari 458 Italia .

The new Maserati could feature a mid-engined V-8 powerplant like those found in the Audi R8 and Ferrari 458 Italia, but of course do not expect to see it deliver an output of 570 HP. Still the fact that Maserati Maserati is trying to come with a Porsche 911 competitor is pretty admirable considering that many other companies have tried and failed. But we have big faith in Maserati, so fingers crossed!

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At the sight of this mid-engined car, I already foresaw its speedy run.

Will there be cooler than this Maserati?

I wouldn’t want to use this on normal roads though.

Sports car can be defined as Meserati. It’s one of the best sports cars in town.

With that speed, it could totally blow its competition away.

Meserati has its own appeal to boast about, and I’m one who witness that.

From what I can see, the insignia looks good on it.

I sort of want this to be a convertible. I hope they’d think about it some time later!

Yes, I can see that this look suits better to be a Maserati car, but I sort of doubt that the engine it will be equipped with is as powerful in performance.

I really like Maserati’s insignia. It looks like it perfectly belongs to its bumper.

The elaborate details of its fierce external components are captivating. I have not seen it perform yet, but it has already caught my interest.

It’s probably more effective if Maserati has adopted this all to themselves. I believe that Maserati can make this powerful further.

Maserati’s automotive rarely astounds me, but with this mid-engined sports car, I must say that they have effectively captured my interest.

I thought I was looking at the exact figure of its rival, except that I noticed Maserati’s insignia. This actually suits to be a Maserati more.

I think its design is really alike, except for its bumper with the Maserati insignia. They almost have the similar performance figures too. It shouldn’t be called a rival, rather, a duplicate.

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