Top Ten States for Speeding

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A lot of people have been cruising along with the wind in their hair and their radio blasting when all of a sudden their euphoric state is disrupted by blue and red flashing lights. Dozens of thoughts start circling in your brain. What does he want? Was I doing anything wrong? Was I speeding? Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Yes, a lot of people have been the victim of a speeding ticket. Whether you meant to be speeding or not, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you cry or flirt or make excuses, it doesn’t always work. Every once in a while you will be handed that flippin’ speeding ticket that instantly deflates your mood and blasts you from the oasis you’ve been hanging out in all day.

Why such a dramatic intro, you say? Well, we are here to tell you that even though a lot of people have been dealt a speeding ticket now and again, some states have it worse than others. A thought to ponder…do these states have more speeding tickets because there are tons more people speeding or is it simply because there are more boys in blue dedicated to stopping the insanity that is a speeding deviant?

It may all boil down to the classic chicken and the egg scenario of which came first, but, nonetheless, you may want to hit the jump to check out which speeding ticket happy states you may want to avoid in your automotive travels. And if you are unfortunate enough to live in one of them then please accept our condolences.

Source: Driverside

10. Massachusetts

9. Delaware

8. South Carolina

7. New Mexico

6. Maryland

5. Mississippi

4. North Dakota

3. Vermont

2. Wyoming

1. Washington, D.C. (okay, not really a state, but it made the list)


With all the speedy cameras and speed tickets, I never thought that there are certain places in the US that don’t know this thing. However, the downside would be their road would be dangerous for pedestrian.

haha. Wohoo! The roads of Massachusetts are perfect to blast your car and it would be perfect of you car has no speed limiter! Those top ten places really knows the need for speed kind of ride.

don’t really think that flirting can help you in those time. It’s just a matter of acceptance. If a patrol car stops you, then be calm and do what they say. In this way, both parties can have a better conversation.

Be careful when driving you might lead to a fatal accident.

Next time, if you’re late on your appointment – don’t rush and make an excuse it’s an emergency.

That’s the reason why they are always caught overspeeding either they’re late at working or escaping something.

It’s the law so we need to follow what ever it’s written there.

things that make you go hmmm? I wonder what was going threw the cops head have a grown woman flash that enough to make a some go shwing. I’m sure she got off with a warning and the cop got a nice well just put your mind in the gutter for a sec and you well catch my drift. All though I wont not put it past the cop nor the person he had pulled over. spically if he was feeling on the horny side and it kept her from getting a ticket.

Maybe she’s late for work that’s why she’s always overspeeding.

Most of the time people who overspeed their cars are people who has a newly driven car or teens who wants to drag race with the other cars.

Eerrrrr... why do you need to spend that kind of amount for a test pilot of a jetpack?

and im 16 so ya im screwed

Errrrrr, what the hell is she doing? Making fool out of the officer? This kind of act should apprehended.

Most overspeeding are Teens and sometimes are drivers without license.

thats so i live in new mexico and have a red evo its a double wammy for me

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