Top US Fiat Dealerships to Get First Dibs on Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C’s highly anticipated U.S. debut later this year is drumming up all kinds of hype from a lot of dealerships looking to get a piece of the Italian sports car.

Unfortunately, not every Fiat dealership will get their hands on the 4C, at least according to Chrysler Group vice president for network development and fleet, Peter Grady.

Talking to Auto News, Grady revealed that the two-seat, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe will only be sent to the best performing Fiat dealerships. Translation: those that don’t sell enough models are out of luck.

"The 4C is the first vehicle that comes at the end of this calendar year, and it’s going to go to the current Fiat dealers that are performing," Grady told Auto News.

"So if you’re selling and you’re taking care of your customer, you’ll be first up for Alfa Romeo."

There are two ways to look at this, shall we say, "condition" set by Chrysler. One, it could set off a competitive selling frenzy amongst a lot of Fiat dealerships in the U.S. just to get a piece of the 1,000 4Cs earmarked for the U.S. each year. On the flip side, you could see a virtual monopoly of the models by a select number of dealerships that are already ahead in the sales race of Fiat models.

Grady also said that he’s willing to be flexible to dealers that are confined by a limited location and can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that they’re not left out in the cold because of their circumstances.

Instead, he put out the condition that dealers meeting sales and customer service targets will still get Alfa Romeo franchises even if their stores are in malls, as long as they attach service departments before the Alfa Romeo models arrive sometime in 2015.

Source: AutoNews


The Alfa Romeo 4C looks impressive. I would not wonder if this will be in the best performing Fiat dealerships because this car will sell enough because the design of the car is nice. I hope this car is not limited.

I think hat until 2015 I am going to create some savings consistent enough for buying me some goodies!smiley

Do europeans might have the great pleasure of seeing this awesomeness in the showrooms?

This color is my girlfriends favourite! I should buy her this car, she will love me forever!

2015??smiley why does it last sooo much for good things to appear in front of us?

Not only this car looks amazingly good sand cute, but it also seems to be powerful enough for its category.

Alfa Romeo have never disappointed me.This car is absolutely astonishing, I felt in love..

I’m wondering, is it going to be released in a limited number of pieces?And how much would it cost?

I really hate red cars...they are like created for blondes with big pink lips, burnt skin(tanned) and fake big brands purses! yuck

Alfa Romeo strikes again!The only good looking and powerful cars are creates by them!That’s my oppinion..

Man!This is such an awesome design!And the color fits it perfectly!I love it!!!

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