TopGear producer says Clarkson 186mph speeding was just a joke, really?

On today’s TopGear blog, Andy Wilman, the executive producer of Top Gear, is telling us that Clarkson was bluffing when he told some "socialist hippies at a book festival" that he scored a 186 mph on public roads with the Veyron: "Now the thing is, you’d need a frigging Tardis to do 186 mph in the Limehouse Link". For those of you speaking proper US English, it means that it is impossible. We think it is very possible as the tunnel is 1.1 mile and the Veyron can reach the quarter mile in 10.2 seconds at 143 mph.

Anyways, Mr Wilman now blames everybody for harassing Jeremy, aka Jezza. "we’re in danger of becoming a country where it’s a crime to be fatuous, to make mischief or just practice the fine art of talking bollocks." said the producer.

So who got the biggest ’bollocks’, Jeremy or his producer, who’s trying to convince us that Jeremy cannot push the Bugatti to 186mph under one mile :)

Source: TopGear


As I said before, all we had was Clarkson’s word, no proof.

I could car less. I think its funny now how the story is possibly true or not.

Just about everyone at one time or another has pushed their car way faster than it should go. Only difference is this guy is on TV so its a big deal.

i don’t think he reached that speed, especially in a tunnel that connects Central London and the London Docklands, maybe if he was on the highway, but definitely not in a tunnel (to much traffic)

He didnt just mean that the tunnel was too short for that speed what the producer actually meant that although it is probably physically possible to do that speed it would never actually happen because of the traffic in that tunnel. It just would not happen and the whole thing was a joke.

ok so now me and AK47 got into an arguement about this and its a joke

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