Topless Chevrolet Trailblazer being sold for $29,500

Is it us or has this 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer lost its roof? Okay, it’s most definitely not us. It’s actually a standard Trailblazer except for the fact that it has been stripped away of its top. We can’t say that it’s a convertible because it sure as heck doesn’t look the part. However, other than the discarded roof, it still looks pretty much the same: it’s got seven seats and it’s a 4-wheel-drive.

And according to the man who’s selling this ride - yes, he’s selling it; if you can believe that - it’s got some celebrity cred attached to it after it was supposedly used during a past Rose Bowl parade. Maybe that explains the missing roof. In any case, the car can be yours for only $15,000, an amount that seems to be bargain for a Trailblazer that only has 29,500 miles on it. Then again, it’s doesn’t have a roof, which, as far as we’re concerned, is a pretty big sticking point.

Source: Motorz


Well, this car really was build for purpose. And I bet it would be the best choice for those who wanted a spacious passenger.

Really? They are offering a cheaper four -wheel-drive? I guess this was a customized version and with that price I can actually buy an Audi car out of it.

haha. Well, I agree that longer version seems to be bland but four-wheel drive and seven seats is a great features though.. BTW, it also comes with a cheaper price.

Wow! The car seems to be longer and wider that’s why it look so odd. I like the detailing for the exterior of this car. However, I wonder on what will be the speed performance of this car.

I just like the fact that its a seven seater car but thinking that the roof is missing, Well, I will not considered to buy one of this. However, Chevy car look so clean and aggressive.

Well talking about space efficiency this one is a winner! I love the discarded roof top though I don’t think that its advisable to used this time since its rainy season.

for that amazing Chevy it’s economical i would say.

Amazing car,, nice ride for excursion

Well this is a choice as a tourist car.

Does it have a nylon roof on it? just wondering.

even though i have that kind of money, i wont buy this suv...

So they removed the roof for reason after all, but I i wonder how about some roof for covering the interiors from the rain and sunlight?

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