Topless Hummer H2

Hummer may have suspended the H2 production just so this would never happen again. From the ‘more money than taste’ file comes this chop-top H2.

Spotted in Abu Dhabi, it’s hard to even call this a convertible. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of roof that can be put up in case of rain (or dust) storms. It just looks like someone took circular saw and went to town on the H2’s roof and rear pillars. It also doesn’t help that the "hood scoop" looks like it is the product an oven pan and a few colored lights from Home Depot.

Source: GT Spirit


For me, the seats were arrange into a roller coaster type. How many seating capacity they have on this H2?

I like the design they have on that photo shoot. It looks daring and hot.

I like the new seats in the H2 that presents a more sculptured appearance and offer improved comfort and lumber support for passengers.

Wow I didn’t expect that this Hummer could be also in a convertible type.

You will be the baddest man on earth if you are driving this truck. What an amazing idea!

Pretty cool but for my taste it would of been better, much better if it would of been less colored, maybe one color, yellow, blue, red, black, and without the second one, maybe some neutral-gray tones in some places. smiley

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