TopSpeed Podcast Episode 016 LIVE - "Title to be decided"

*** The Show kicks off at NOON (Eastern US) Thursday June 19, 2014 ***

Hello everyone! I hope you guys have had a great week so far and are very excited for tomorrow’s live recording of the TopSpeed Podcast. This week is Episode 016 and I have a few surprises planned for you guys.

At some point in the show, I am going to let everyone know how they can get some cool Gumball 3000 gear. I came home with of lots of stickers, key chains, T-shirts and some other cool swag, and I am going to be giving most of it away. You have to watch or listen to the show to figure out how to get it though.

We are going to start the show off with Mark and Justin talking about what they have been driving over the last week. That means the Civic Si and the all-new 2015 Subaru Legacy . I plan on waxing poetically about the V-10 wail of the Lamborghini Gallardo as it bounces off the rev-limiter. You won’t want to miss that part.

For news we plan on discussing the continued recovery of Michael Schumacher , Nissan’s new GT-R based concept car and the possibility of an RX-8 replacement from Mazda. We are going to try and fit some Aston Martin and Nurburgring lap time news in as well.

Expect the festivities of Goodwood to make an appearance as well.

We have a few questions to answer from you guys about company collaborations and special edition custom cars like Ferrari’s many SP models.

We wrap up the show with Own, Drive, Burn for a trio of far out supercar concepts. Should be a good time.

What is your take?

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