TopSpeed Rendering: 2013 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible

Jaguar XKR-S Convertible

Jaguar has made it perfectly clear that they plan on offering the same treatment found in the XKR-S to other models in the line-up. Our first attack on the rendering front was the future XFR-S , but now it’s time to see the upcoming XKR-S Convertible which will actually arrive before the XFR-S.

The design of the convertible XKR-S really won’t change much from the coupe model. The XKR-S was originally designed as a convertible anyway so expect to see the same wide wheel arches, front and rear carbon spoilers, and extra front air scoops as found on the coupe. Under the hood, Jaguar will keep the same AJ-V8 all-aluminum engine with an output of 550 HP and 501 lb/ft of torque, so the sprint from 0 to 60 mph will remain in the 4 second range, while top speed will also be about 180 mph.

Think the XKR-S Convertible will be just as popular as the Coupe version? Hit us up in the comments section below.


I didn’t expect this also. The figure performance of the vehicle is quite impressive! I really can’t wait to experience its awesome speed! I was thinking if there’s any updates for this vehicle?

Yes! The convertible version of the Jaguar delivers an impressive amount of power! Although, its kind of shocking, still I’m excited for this one! Hey, this news has been a long time I wonder if this is lined up for production ? 

The speed performance or the engine performance of this convertible car is really quite impressive for it and I really love the simply beauty that it had which is very stunning.

yeah, it has an impressive speed performance since its been using an aluminum engine plus it has a heavy roof top. BTW, I wonder on what will be the competitor of the car?

I agree that it has an impressive performance for a convertible version. BTW, I don’t think that it’s necessary to remove the speed limiter of the car since it can’t blast in the road.

The figure performance of the car is quite impressive. And its a good thing that the convertible version doesn’t increase the weight of the car and knowing that it uses an aluminum chassis. BTW, I wonder if its possible to see a removed speed limiter for the car.

The speed performance of the XKR is quite impressive and the convertible version seems to have a decent styling. BTW, I was wondering on what will be the new speed record of the car since the manufacturing was already bought by the Tata!

Yeah, I agree that this car needs upgrade on the engine. Convertible is good but with the figure performance of the car I think its not a sports car at all. The coupe version would be better compare to this vehicle.

Just like what I thought from the performance of a convertible version! The hard rooftop had added weight on the car that’s why I think that the speed performance is less powerful! I hope to see a boost power on then engine of this car!

Maybe I am just new with this one. I am not that comfortable with its striking red color, but it looked nice btw.

Me too, I like the XF more that this one, really love how sleek and simple that one is. And I am definitely looking forward to them releasing a convertible version of that baby.

Well, there is nothing really to say here except that the car does look good. I would admit that I am not much a fan of the XKR-S, I’m more int the XF, hope that they would work out on that one soon.

Yeah, that one would probably be the case, since much of the specs on this one would be the same with the coupe version. Might as well wait for the tuners to toy with this baby.

hmm... if it is just the same as the XFR-S? I think there’s no need to get excited at this one. Making it into a Convertible type won’t change a thing.

Hmm, this one definitely looks like what the actual car is going to be. Well, that one is not really that surprising, since all of us practically know what to expect of this one already.

I guess there’s nothing to expect so much on this car aside from the remove rooftop since its concept was based on the coupe version. I was expecting that it still have a limited top speed.

Personally, convertible version is always been so amazing. However, the weak point of this car is that it has a limited speed due to the hard rooftop which add weight to the car. BTW, I wonder if its possible to have limited speed in a convertible?

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