TopSpeed Rendering: 2014 Corvette and New Leaked Drawings

Chevrolet Corvette

We hope Santa brought you everything that you wanted this year. Just in case he didn’t, we have prepared some surprises for you: a TopSpeed rendering of the upcoming Corvette C7 along with newly leaked drawings of the upcoming `Vette. While the previously leaked images revealed the front clip and brake system, the new ones reveal part of the rear and the interior of the next-gen Corvette.

Revealed in these leaked images is the car’s Sports Overlay display, which displays vehicle speed, engine rotation per minute, transmission state and lateral G-Force graphics. There is also a graphic for Performance Traction Management, which will likely be offered in all Corvette models.

It also looks like the C7 Corvette will be offer some new-to-GM features, like engine sound management, active rev match and performance data recorder.

To really get you all amped up, we have also created a rendering of the C7 Corvette based on these leaked drawings that we believe is pretty close to how the C7 will look. Enjoy!

Note: Leaked images courtesy of CorvetteBlogger.

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