TopSpeed Rendering: 2014 Porsche Baby Boxster

Porsche "Baby" Boxster

Now that Porsche has officially confirmed that the baby Boxster (also know as the 550 ) is not dead, we have created a new rendering inspired by the new generation Boxster unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It is still not known when the new 550 will officially be unveiled on the market - "Now? Three years from now? Six or seven?" - but the good news is that it will come.

The new baby Boxster (550) will be powered by a mid-mounted, turbocharged 1.6-liter engine that will deliver around 200 HP. This engine will be mated to a dual-clutch seven speed transmission. Porsche will also offer an S version that will be powered by a 2.5 liter flat four turbo engine that delivers a total of 360 HP and 350 lb-ft.

When it does go on sale, the new Porsche Baby Boxster will be priced about $10,000 below the current Boxster.


I bet that Boxster won’t be available until 2015. Porsche is cooking up something better than this Boxster. 

Is this a roadster? I totally want to have this as I am convinced by its performance!

This Baby Boxster hasn’t impressed me at all, knowing that the others are capable of the similar performance.

I’m not surprised; it’s sort of already normal for Porsche models to have this appearance and performance.

Every time Porsche announces to release a new model, we expect them to be better than the previous ones. Of course, Baby Boxster surpasses the others’ speed!

I hope that this baby Boxter has a cheaper price than sport-coupe version without its engine performance totally being different.

Of course, because Porsche can’t take to disappoint the people. However, by the time they release this, I am afraid that this will get neglected by newer concepts.

I think Porsche is only coming up with new names, although the performances and appearances are almost the same.

Ah, it’s branded as a “baby” after all. The price is not bad for its specifications.

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