TopSpeed Rendering: 2015 BMW M2


It’s no secret that things are going to change significantly in BMW ’s future line-up. For example, the future 1-Series will only include a hatchback version, while the coupe and convertible versions will be sold as a 2-Series . And, as many rumors suggest, the top version of the next 2-Series will be the M2 . It will arrive one year after the standard model, so expect to see it sometime before the 2015 model year.

The future BMW M2 will be built on the new F21 platform and will be powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo delivering about 350 HP. Rumors say that the new tri-turbo engine might also find its way under the hood of the upcoming model. Whichever engine is picked, it will be mated to an all-new DCT semi-automatic transmission. Also, like most of the upcoming BMW models, the M2 will feature the intense use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic.

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OK let’s hear on some rumors first before we can proceed into reality of this M2. There is so many speculations on this BMW.

They don’t really want their car to be seen by their competitors. I think there something that will make them amazed from KIA.

BMW’s really knocking up to the TopSpeed Rendering list, no? This one is sort of slower than the other, but still fast.

Each of its part is functional, and that’s how it could achieve a spot in the top rendering hall.

Dude what the heck is up with these comments? Is everyone from outer space? It’s like, "The M2 will certainly be a performance car based on the contribution of turbos"


The main components of its great speed are its materials, parts, and engine. If it weren’t for their effective roles, this wouldn’t be fast.

It’s thoroughly obvious how this has ended up being a TopSpeed Rendering car; it’s actually really super fast, and it’s all courtesy of its materials and engine.

The factors that contribute to its successful speedy run are the loss of its weight, which resulted from the installment of carbon materials, and the equipment of a dynamic engine.

It surely deserves to be featured on TopSpeed Rendering, seeing that its carbon fiber-reinforced plastic exterior is even housing a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo engine which delivers 350 hp. Those components alone when rationalized results to a certain speedy performance.

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