TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

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When you get into this category, it’s hard to say if one is better than the other. Ferrari , Lamborghini , Aston Martin , and McLaren are all wonderful products, but is one better than the other one in the real world? Probably not, but there are a few things we can look at to try and determine a solid list.

When you have this kind of money, performance is expected out of these machines and that is a key thing to remember. Every car on this list is fast enough for most people. Many will begin to point out numbers and statistics to prove that their car should be ranked higher up. What they fail to understand is that most of the people who buy these machines will never get close to those numbers. For them, it’s more about the car. With that in mind, we will look at styling, prestige, luxury, and the sensations that you get when you sit behind the wheel.

There is a never a right answer when comparing these machines. Everybody has their own opinion and everybody will think they’re correct. We really had to think about this one long and hard because, well, we had no idea how to rank most of these machines. The top ten supercars for 2010 is just one of life’s great mysteries.

Nonetheless, we persevered on your behalf to try and rank today’s best supercars. We would also like to point out price was not considered in this ranking. If you can afford any one of these cars, most of the time price isn’t going to be a big deal.

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10) Porsche 911 GT2 RS

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

We all know that the 911 GT2 RS is fast. It’s not just kind of fast, it’s crazy fast. That being said, it’s a scary sort of speed. It’s not the kind of car that anybody can drive, and people who can afford these machines probably won’t be racing drivers. There is no backseat or radio, just a roll cage and a smile. People who can afford this machine won’t be using it on a daily basis. This is a track car, so for that reason, it comes last. Prices start at $245,000.

9) Lexus LFA

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

This car was very difficult to rank. There is no doubt in our minds that the LFA is a very quick car in a straight line and around the bends. The engineering behind it is stunning, but we do have an issue with it. The LFA isn’t the fastest car ever made, it’s not the most powerful, and it’s not even the quickest to 60 MPH. Even the ZR1 can beat it around that big German racetrack. So why does this Toyota cost nearly $400,000? We don’t know. We simply can’t justify that cost. Add options and you could buy the 458 Italia for everyday use and the 911 GT2 RS for track fun. As an engineering statement, the LFA is brilliant, but just a bit too expensive and a bit too nerdy. In the world of school, the LFA is the student who stays after class to do extra credit just for the love of learning. Was that child a cool person in high school? We think not.

8) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

When we first drove theSLS AMG , we thought to ourselves that this could be one of the best supercars for daily use. The interior is well designed and well built, the trunk is big enough for groceries, and the ride is firm, but not back breaking. Sure, the nose is very long, but once you get used to it, you won’t notice. A good way to sum up the SLS is that it’s a track-oriented super car that is also luxurious. Is the Mercedes Mercedes SLS AMG the fastest, most exciting super car on the market? No. The LFA is faster, as is the 911 GT2 RS, but the SLS is cheaper than both of those and much sexier. Not to mention those gull-wing doors are so much fun. Prices start at around $200,000.

7) Ferrari 458 Italia

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

With the 458 , Ferrari takes its classic mid-mounted, high-winding V8 sports car formula to a whole new level. As a driver’s vehicle, this car is light, powerful, superbly balanced, and there isn’t much that can compete. The looks are some of the best from Ferrari in recent years and the interior is stunning as well. The Italia says that beauty doesn’t have to be sacrificed for insane performance. As far as prestige goes, well, it’s a Ferrari and that’s about as prestigious as it gets. Similar to BMW badges, if you put a Ferrari badge on anything, it’s sure to sell. Prices start at a very reasonable $225,000.

6) Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

The SuperVeloce’s V12 produces 661 hp at 8000 rpm and 490 lb·ft of torque. The SV can hit 200+ miles per hour and it will hit 60 mph in around 3.5 seconds. Most important, it’s a Lamborghini Lamborghini , and that badge is enough to get you any supermodel you want. Well maybe not, but the prestige that this car carries with it is part of the reason why it’s so good. It’s loud, brash, and very vulgar, but we love it. The leaner, meaner Murcielago makes the SV the best of the series. Prices start at $450,000.

5) Koenigsegg CCXR

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

Sweden might not be a very exciting country, but they sure can make cars. In March 2009 the CCXR was chosen by Forbes as one of the ten most beautiful cars in history and it can hit speeds of 250 miles per hour. This car is also marketed as an eco-supercar, because it can run on E85, so that will make you cool at the Hollywood parties. The price for this machine, to put it simply, is a lot. Just try going to the bank and ask for $1.2 million for a new car. That should be funny.

4) Aston Martin One 77

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

The ultimate Aston Martin isn’t even out yet, but we have such high hopes for it that we have put it fourth on the list. Like most Aston models, the car is very stunning. It could be the best looking car on this list, which is saying a lot. The One-77 will feature a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a handcrafted aluminum body, and a 7.3 liter V12 engine with over 700 hp. Prices will be around $1.7 million, so it’s a car for the very rich. Only 77 will be made, making this car as cool as it comes.

3) Ferrari 599 GTO

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

It started off with the 599 GTB , then the track only 599XX. Now, we have the ultimate 599, theGTO . There is just one sentence that makes this car deserving of its spot. This is the fastest road-going Ferrari Ferrari ever built. It’s that simple. The speed is just insane and the handling is Ferrari brilliant. The styling is performance oriented and the interior is more of a cockpit than a cabin. As a driver’s car, the GTO is one of the best cars on the market. Prices start at $383,500.

2) Pagani Zonda F

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

The Zonda has always been a crazy looking machine, but it didn’t become a supercar icon just on looks alone. The fit and finish is stunning, as is the Mercedes engine. This machine’s performance will go right up with the greatest of all time. The car is outrageously quick and useable in the corners. The looks might be a bit over the top but for this kind of money, who cares? Prices start at $741,000.

1) Bugatti Veyron Super Sports

TopSpeed's 10 Best No-Limit Supercars

There is no doubt that the Veyron is the ultimate supercar. It’s the fastest machine in the world and it’s so luxurious that you could use it on a daily basis. The Veyron looks stunning inside and out, and you will turn more heads than an elephant driving a scooter. Sure, the car is very expensive with a price tag of around $1 million, but if you can afford it, we would recommend the Bugatti over everything else. Sure, like the LFA, it’s a nerdy car, but because it’s the fastest in the world, we’ll let it slide.

We have done plenty of these top tens and there hasn’t been one as hard as this. Every one of these machines are fast enough for most people and they are sure to excite you in ways that most cars could never dream of. The pure speed of the Bugatti and the Zonda will make your spine tingle, and the stunning looks of the Lamborghini and the Aston Martin are worthy of an art gallery. Each one of the these machines are excellent and each one of them would be a smart buy, but if we had a few million laying around, the Veyron would be our choice.


@jtm0711 what do you mean that Toyota has never built a supercar before? 2000GT? Supra?

I’d love to see the Aston Martin One77, when will they release this interesting car?

The LFA isn’t the fastest car around the ring ever. there’s no proof of the 7:13 lap time. its not official. videos can be altered especially ones found on youtube. to believe a car that weighs as much as the LFA with the power level it has can beat cars with much better power to weight ratios not to mention their lighter with lower center of gravity mid engined for better balance and wider tracks is ignorant. idk what vehicle has the record for the best slalom but i’m pretty sure the LFA doesn’t beat the 1.6g skidpad rating that the koe segg has. not to mention slalom and skidpad are not near as important on a track like the ring. its power to weight ratio deficit alone would make other cars in this group run off from it. it may have acheived the quickest lap around the ring at one point but from what i’ve read the new porsche 911 gt2 is faster now due to an increase in power lighter body and stiffer suspension and chassis. and yes the fact that you cant even purchase the car outright is a bad move by toyota. not to mention this is toyotas first true super car so we’ll see how it holds up

The biggest problem with the LFA is its still a TOYOTA...and that is NOT a name synonymous with high end sports cars. Not to mention all the silly issues with "you can’t buy the car" you can only "lease it".

What idiot wrote this article? The LFA IS the fastest car ever around the Nurburgring, with a 7:13 lap time with traffic. I have a video of it running a 7:19 with traffic on my TopSpeed page. The LFA also holds the slalom and skidpad records.

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