Touran available with RNS 510 radio navigation system

The RNS 510, the latest generation of navigation devices is now available on the new Touran at a price of 2010 euro.

The new RNS 510 can be operated easily and precisely using a touch screen. The additional control rows (hard and soft keys) using the piano key principle have been kept and enhance the user-friendly concept. The new system calculates routes in record time using a high-performance 750 MIPS (million instructions per seconds) processor and is capable of displaying multi-coloured maps in 16:9 format.

Touran available with RNS 510 radio navigation system

An integrated 30 gigabyte hard drive is used to store navigation data and can also be used to save audio content. The high-resolution display on the electronic navigator is impressive in all areas. It displays maps, images and videos in brilliant screen quality. You can also display maps in a bird’s eye view as well as the familiar arrow icons in split-screen mode.

Touran available with RNS 510 radio navigation system

The navigation system has also an integrated DVD drive that allows you to play common CD formats like MP3 and WMA (Windows media audio) as well as play videos (only when vehicle is stationary). A Secure Digital card slot on the front of the unit allows you to access various "AUDIO" data formats. The modern radio module with four 20 Watt speakers and excellent sound and reception completes this high-end system.

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