Toyota Announces that it's Not Announcing Cheap Cars

Toyota Etios

With the likes of Tata Motors already selling the ultra-cheap Nano , along with Nissan announcing that Datsun will return to provide ultra-cheap cars to developing markets and Volkswagen intending to follow suit, Toyota president, Akio Toyoda, decided Toyota’s own announcement was in order.

Toyota chose to take the high road, in the terms of price that is, by announcing that it has no plans to produce ultra-cheap models for developing markets, such as India, Indonesia, Russia, and China. Toyoda basically let everyone know that Toyota Motor Co. is more about reliability and quality than overall sales. Plus, the risk damaging its recovering reputation by releasing these super-cheap cars in an attempt to be the No. 1 car seller in the world is not worth its reward.

Currently, the least expensive vehicle that Toyota offers is the Etios (pictured above), which runs 400,000 Indian Rupees ($7,800). Despite appearing low to the average reader, this base price is significantly higher than most cars in India.

This means that Toyota buyers all over the world can look forward to only quality automobiles appearing in their local dealerships, even in developing countries. You can also bet that the issues Toyota has had in the past few years with quality are soon to be a distant memory. Keep in mind, though, the automotive industry changes at the drop of a hat, meaning Akio Toyoda may pull a complete 180 next year and announce Daihatsu, a company that Toyota Motor Co. owns 51% of, is releasing super-cheap cars in developing markets.

Only time will tell what Toyota will do to remain competitive with its German, Japanese and Indian rivals.

Source: Reuters


The statement was very true. Only Toyota is making sense right now.

At least, there’s a car company that makes sense.

So it means that Toyota will have to compete on larger luxury cars and compact SUV makers? I’ll stay tuned on this. 

It’s pleasant to hear that at least one company is not treating themselves as a crap; they’re totally of high value and confidence.

I admire Toyota for their wise and firm declaration. What they said is purely true.

It’s good that Toyota isn’t part of this domino effect on cheap car distribution. They don’t need to stoop low for their sales; the quality is most essential in an automotive.

That is a pleasant point of view coming from the president. Having yourself a cheap car if the quality isn’t good to last long isn’t anywhere near than having a car with quality at a reasonable price.

Very well said, Toyota. I was also starting to question each company that lower their innovations’ prices along with the reduction of some quality features. India must learn how to appreciate and buy cars as they are.

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