Toyota considering hybrid GT 86?

Toyota GT 86

Should we be surprised Toyota is considering a hybrid version for their latest GT 86 sports car? No, we think not! In an interview with TopGear, GT68’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada confirmed that Toyota is indeed considering a more powerful version for the GT86 - a model that could feature a hybrid powertrain.

And if you thought he was talking about the usual power-train seen in the Prius you were wrong. He said that the hybrid GT 86 will combine the usual 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-four engine with a KERS system that will recover energy during braking. This system will help the car delivering an impressive 300 HP and will significantly improve the performance numbers.

However, Tetsuya Tada said a final decision will be made in the upcoming future, so stay tuned for more details.

Source: TopGear


They really should get on with the hybrid version. Numbers are expected to be better than what we are expecting. You guys should wait for further announcement.
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the gt 86 will look good no matter what. hybrid or nit, it still is a great car!

it may cost less, but the porsche has more options, better handling and is a better car overall.

i think the comparison is quite fair, because even the hybrid version of the toyota costs less than the porsche does.

it may beat the regular cayman, but it will not beat the cayman S. and let’s remember that the hybrid version is more powerful than the standard, so the comparison is unfair!

300 HP is quite a good figure. it will beat the regular porsche cayman.

a hybrid version was the expected response from toyota regarding subaru’s STI.

yep! even the scion is great! and that is because it is available in the US!

will you two stop? every version of this car is great!

the better MPG and the extra torque are 2 pluses in mine. but we shall see.

if i remember well, the sti also had 4wd. and that is a plus in my book!

why are you so sure about that snow? the sti version only developed 295 HP. and electric engines have some extra torque.

even so it will not beat subaru’s version of this car!

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